Ta'aruf Committee

well, korang taw x pe mksud Ta'aruf..??
pada sape2 yg xtaw sy terangkan k
mksud nye like jd fasi utk budak2 yg baru nk msuk UIA
first time nk jd nie slpas nk dkat 3 tahun menetap kt UIA nie..haha
nervous?? ofcoz lahh nervous kan, 1st time
plus xde geng pn yg join. i'm alone, gatal2 nk join..haha
tp xper, akn ku pastikan aku dpt new friends during that day
akk aku ckp, ade sesi m'perkenalkan diri dpn2
arghhh, bnde nie lahh paling aku xske..lg tambah neves wehh
ape aku nk ckp nie nty, kalo in BM aku gagah lagi nk bina ayat
tp kalo in BI, t'gagap-gagap lahh aku nanti
apa2 pn, I hope i will do my best during that time
time nie lahh aku nk build my self-confident kn
aku nie kan pemalu, malu2 kucing gituu..meowww
hahaha..ok lahh, i will upload my pic nty yea
yeahhh, i'm senior dahh..adik2 jgn nakal2 yea
akak bg mkn nie..oh btw, i will handle part catering
ngan aku2 skali dpt mkn free nty..wahahaa
ok lahhh, done for today..jom gosok bju, ptg nie ade induction day :)
take care kawan2, thank singgah blog sy nie.. <3

nyum3..omey :D

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Razil Tahir said...

heee.. best lah.. I always love the introduction part.. huhuhuhu

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